Over the years I have had the opportunity to learn much about Web Design, Website Optimization, SEO, Lead Gen, Analytics and more. Here are several of the sites I have constructed using various CMS tools.

I had the opportunity to redo from the ground up, integrating a new blog and using a responsive template. I was able to rewrite most of the content and have provided ongoing content and optimization work.

The Warmquest site features volumes of content, ranging from product listings and technical information, to case studies and newsletter archives. The focal point of the redesign was creating a user experience and a flow through the site that made sense for visitors hitting the various landing pages. The site acts as a funnel, guiding users to contact forms but ensuring they have access to whatever information desired along the way.

RadiantShop provided an opportunity to put an e-commerce site together. With a variety of products, accessories, and configurations, the site provided a great chance to learn the ins and outs of creating an online store.

Beyond single products, the store offers kits with multiple variables and product bundles that limit choices based on selections in order to ensure product compatibility.

Design Loft was my first website. Using a Content Management System I was able to update a decade old site several years ago. The current mobile friendly site was recently launched and is undergoing refinement.

A challenge with the first iteration of the site was to identify a CMS that would allow for easily organizing an ever growing catalog of house plans. The latest site is slimmed down and provides a different experience.

My own personal passion project, 21st Century Cardboard is a blog about my board game hobby. This simple blog does all that I need and offers me a place to experiment with different things.